A big reason why people love listening to podcasts, audiobooks, or any kind of audio recording is because of the captivating nature of quality audio formats. Quality video is about half engaging visuals and half beautiful sound. This often-overlooked element of your next production is powerful and can be as crucial to your brand as a logo, tagline, or video content.
Our experts at Primetime Premier Productions, LLC know you need to get quality audio out to your audience to grown and improve your brand. We want to be your go-to production house for each and every media presentation and project you’re developing. We know the value in clear-sounding, fresh, and high-energy audio that only adds more flavor to your project.
If you’re looking for professional audio engineers with experience in creating engaging and captivating content, you need Primetime Premier Productions, LLC. Take a look at some of our audio editing services.



Improve Intelligibility
Remove dead air, ums and mistakes. Level out vocals and reduce sibilance.


Spread the Word
Ready your audio files in the correct format for the public domain.


Eliminate Unwanted Sounds
Reduce background noise and hum. Remove clicks, pops, and crackle.


Enhance Listening Experience
Apply equalization and compression to provide balance and color.


Reignite and Preserve
Breathe new life into old, tired, and treasured recordings.


Add intros/outros, advertisements, and music into your project.